London, UK: Tart bakery and cafe on Clapham Common
21. May 2016

London, UK: Tart bakery and cafe on Clapham Common

Not a pie, not a quiche, just terribly tasty tarts

Tart's a bakery and coffee shop overlooking Clapham Common. As the name suggests, they focus on terribly tasty tarts and also produce a range of predominantly vegan salads. For those in search of a sweet treat, they frequently have vegan baked goods on offer such as vegan chocolate cake. With soy and almond milk options, you'll love their gourmet coffee roasted nearby by Volcano.

Vegan things on offer:

- Smashed avocado on sourdough bread

- Hot soup (always a vegan base)

- Current vegan salads:

Lentil, bulgur wheat, courgette, raisin & herb oil

Broccoli & green bean with tahini dressing, toasted sesame & nigella seeds

Black rice with mango, coconut, cashew nut, lime & chilli dressing (n)


25 The Pavement, London SW4 0JA

Nearest tube is Clapham Common (1 min)



Twitter: @TartClapham

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