London, UK: Alexandrie, Kensington
27. Apr 2017

London, UK: Alexandrie, Kensington

This restaurant is still a bit of a secret still. Only recently added a separate vegan menu and it's fantastic. If you want to try delicious vegan Alexandrian cuisine in an elegant atmosphere with great service then definitely check it out.

Named after the former ancient capital of Egypt Alexandrie brings French style Egyptian cuisine to London. I think it was actually my first time I tried it and it was definitely a great experience. The waiter was also very knowledgeable explaining the different dishes to us.

This restaurant isn't purely vegan but the delicious vegan dishes make it well worth the visit. There is plenty to choose from the vegan menu so there is a good variety of choice for everyone. The dishes were presented with an eye for detail and all looked stunning.

Alexandrie is quite elegant without being pretentious or having a hefty price tag which is a nice change, especially in the High Street Kensington area. It's also conveniently located only 5 min from High Street Kensington tube. So if you are on a date or having a business meeting locally this would be a good place to go. And if you need a bigger space they have a big seating area and cocktail bar downstairs for parties.


38C Kensington Church St, Kensington

London W8 4BX

Alexandrie hummus

We started off with a selection of hummus, baba ganoush and an aubergine dip.


The interior was elegant and the service impeccable. The waiter knew a lot about the different dishes and ingredients.


We then had three starters, Molokheya (Egyptian herb soup which tastes a bit similar to spinach, but richer), Ratatouille and the Lentil Velouté. I can recommend all but I would say try either the Molokheya or the velouté as these are typical Egyptian.

Plenty to choose from the menu (and there was another page).

Alexandrie velouté

The Lentil Velouté was delicious.


My friend Carole was visibly enjoying the food.


This was the main dish, Mahshi Courgettes. Stuffed with rice and with a crisp-fried courgette flower. Beautiful! And what a feast for the eyes!


We rounded off the evening with some Baklava. Great taste, sweet but not overpoweringly sugary, perfectly balanced.


There was also plenty of space downstairs for parties or business meetings. And it comes with your own cocktail bar.

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