London, UK: The Gate restaurant
12. Aug 2016

London, UK: The Gate restaurant

The gate in Hammersmith (their other branch is in Islington) is almost a bit of a hidden gem. Literally as the entrance is unassuming and you have to walk through a nice little courtyard to get to the restaurant entrance. That’s actually quite nice as it feels like you are leaving the stress of London behind and entering a bit of an oasis of calm. It’s a great place to go there with friends (tick), to take clients (tick) or even with a romantic date (I yet want to do that). The atmosphere is nice and relaxed (a giant window really brings light into the place and in the evening ) and the service is excellent; the staff are genuinely friendly and very attentive.

The menu was completely different to last time I went as their dishes are influenced by seasonal ingredients. The food came quickly which is great as often restaurants let you drink their body weight in alcohol before they serve you. The dishes looked amazing and were a feast not just for the eyes. We had an all vegan menu of miso glazed aubergines and the three lentil pate terrine as a starter. Our main was the green dragon salad (with glazed tofu) and the aubergine teriyaki and we had chunky herb polenta chips on the side. It was all rounded up by the coconut parfait with sweet chilli grilled pineapple we shared as a dessert. We really loved all of it but my absolute favourites were the three lentil pate terrine and the coconut parfait, both were sensational.

And it seems their attention to detail and approach to quality and flavour is paying off as they are about to open their third restaurant in London.

Go vegans!

The Gate Hammersmith

51 Queen Caroline St, Hammersmith W6 9QL

Opening times:

Monday - Fri 12:00– 14:30, 18:00–22:30

Saturday 12:00 – 15:00, 17:00–22:30

Sunday 12:00–21:30

The Gate Islington

370 St John St, London EC1V 4NN

Opening times:

Monday - Sat 12:00– 22:30

Sunday 12:00–21:30

The entrance to the Gate. You have to walk into the courtyard and then through the door up to the first floor to get to the restaurant.

Very nice and welcoming atmosphere. I loved the mix of black, brown and different texture wood panelling.

My absolute favourite, the amazing three lentil pate terrine. Presentation was beautiful and the combination of flavours was perfect! Before I became vegan I hardly ever had pate but I will now! I even want to come up with my own recipe after this experience!

The main dishes,the aubergine teriyaki in the foreground and green dragon salad (with glazed tofu) with chunky herb polenta chips on the side. Very nice flavours!

My other hero of the night, the coconut parfait with sweet chilli grilled pineapple. Too good to share actually!

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