London, UK: Redemption Old Street/Shoreditch
14. Nov 2016

London, UK: Redemption Old Street/Shoreditch

Redemption is vegan, sugar-free, alcohol-free, wheat-free!
And it surprisingly works!

I chose this restaurant (Shoreditch branch) for a date actually and I thought: what the heck I might as well write a review about it since I am here. So I brought my camera with me and the first motive that caught my eye was their sign outside. It said vegan, sugar-free, wheat-free, alcohol-free. I can definitely do with wheat- and sugar-free on a first date but alcohol-free? It certain didn't help to calm my nerves. Wtf was I gonna do?

Luckily it wasn't that bad after all, quite the opposite!
The staff was very friendly and chirpy and even kept their cool when a girl who sat next to us treated the waiter quite in a rude manner. Apparently she wasn't served on time, but instead of giving her attitude back the waiter offered her a freebie. I though it was a very professional response.
Also I liked their understated and relaxed chic interior. And the name 'redemption' in pink neon lights looked quite cool.

The only thing I didn't like as much was the lack of space, I felt a bit crammed in and the absence of alcohol didn't help with that. But I guess that's London; I am not sure if I will ever get used to small spaces.

The best thing however of course was the food.

So instead of wine we started off with a round of smoothies which were just perfect, not too sweet, just right. We had Bombay love (Tumeric root, coconut keffir, carrot, lemon and ginger juice) and Green is the new black (smoothie of baby spinach, avocado, cucumber, lime, ginger, maple water and pineapple).

I can't remember the name of my main dish I had, but it was made with grilled veggies and green beans. It was tasty but could've done with a little bit more seasoning. My date's dish was the wild mushroom black rice risotto which was really delicious.

We finished with the gateau cake. My mouth is still salivating thinking about it. I normally don't cook gluten-free very often but this cake was amazing! My portion was quite big so it was perfect for sharing.

So if you are looking for a healthier restaurant and don't want to be tempted by alcohol then Redemption is a great choice!

Check out the beautiful dishes we had below.

Redemption Shoreditch
320 Old St, London EC1V 9DR

Redemption Notting Hill,
6 Chepstow Road, LondonW2 5BH

Great selection of smoothies, unusual combinations but they really worked!

The wild mushroom black mushroom risotto, I can highly recommend it.

The gateau cake was a triumph!

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