London, UK: Tibits
7. Feb 2017

London, UK: Tibits

After a shopping trip on Oxford Street you will often find me restoring my strength again at Tibits. A bit hidden off Regent Street this is a place where you can feed your vegan health as well as your vegan fast food cravings. This self service restaurant has it all - in very nice surroundings.

Tibits is vegetarian and mostly vegan (80% on any given day) and every Tuesday is 100% vegan.

The restaurant has a large self service area. A big help for people like me who can't decide as you can actually see what you are eating before you choose. All options are clearly labelled so you know exactly what's vegan, vegetarian or even gluten free. Every time I come here I feel I am spoilt for choice, which might explain why my plate is always over-flowing and my food bill is high. Having said that it's not a place to grab a cheap bite to eat. But I guess you pay more for a premium location.

Getting there is easy, either you pop by after your shop on Oxford Street (about 5 minutes from Oxford circus) or you get there from Piccadilly Circus (about same distance, maybe less). Tibits is on Heddon Street, a small car-free side alley off Regent Street which is a great antidote to hectic central London. They have a lovely outside area as well to enjoy your meals outside.

Tibits originally started off in Switzerland where they already have a range of restaurants. I hope they also plan on expanding in the UK, the demand is clearly there.

tibits LONDON
12-14 Heddon Street
London W1B 4DA

tibits vegetarian restaurant

Just off Regent Street is Tibits offering lots of mainly vegan dishes.​

My plate. Not quite as full as normal - just because I actually ate lots of if before I remembered to take a photo of it, ehm.​

The self-service area with a big variety of foods, from salads, main dishes and even lovely desserts.

They don't just have excellent foot but also a variety of cocktail, mocktails and refreshing juices.

There is also a downstairs area for people to sit

They also released two cook books already if you get inspired to cook their dishes.

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