London, UK: Your private vegan chef
20. May 2016

London, UK: Your private vegan chef

If you looking to offering your guests the most exquisit of vegan experiences then look no further. Chef Jona Eckerlein's skills will give your party the vegan wow factor or shall I say vow factor.

Jona Eckerlein is a private chef in London. Ever since he was a child he knew he wanted to become a chef and create dishes that wow people. He says moving to London was one of his best decisions in his life; it is here where he found his passion for vegan and vegetarian fine dining food. Jona worked for Michelin recommended Vanilla Black restaurant in London as sous chef and creative director before starting out on his own.

He is specialised in creating mostly vegan and vegetarian gourmet fine dining dishes with a twist. His cooking is unusual, unique and creative. Focusing on only working with vegetables and fruits opened his eyes and creativity and the result are stunningly beautiful dishes that appeal to all senses. So much so that he even gets meat eaters excited about this dishes.

So if you are looking for that healthy WOW factor for your home or event please then get in touch with him.

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