Squeeze your tofu
6. Jun 2016

Squeeze your tofu

Squeeze water out of your tofu to increase absorption of flavours. You can easily do it yourself by putting two cutting boards on top of each other with the tofu in the middle and push down with the palm of your hands or you could put heavy weights on top (make sure it's not too heavy as it might break the tofu. Put a kitchen towel underneath.

Or if you are a bit of a vegan kitchen gadget person like me you can conveniently and efficiently use a tofu press. I have the one from Tofuture and it's BPA-free, dishwasher save and compact. Just perfect. And you can even buy it in my shop!

It works easily in 3 simple steps:

1. Place the tofu in the inner tub

2. Pull the elastic bands down over
the hooks and leave in the fridge

3. Remove pressed tofu, prepare/season/cook and enjoy

When you squeeze the water out of the tofu first it can absorb flavours better - just like a sponge!

You can even buy your own tofu press in my shop. Check it out here.

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