16. Feb 2019

5 tips for staying vegan

Whether you are new to being vegan, whether you have been vegan for a long time, or just starting out, here are my top 5 tips on how going vegan becomes easier for you.

5 tips for staying vegan


What we put on our plates doesn’t only benefit our health but it is where we can make the biggest impact when it comes to preventing global warming. And of course no animals were hurt making this video and preparing a vegan meal.


Here are 5 top tips on how to make your vegan diet sustainable.


do it yourself



Prepare your own dishes, you will become more conscious about what you put into your body and therefore your diet will improve. Once I baked my first cake I realised how much sugar and oil went into it to give it this amazing flavour. Don't necessarily give up on cake or certain foods but by preparing them yourself you will become much more aware how you are nourishing yourself. When you cook your own meals you lean so much more about yourself as well and some people even become more mindful in the process.



Always listen to yourself


2 Listen to yourself

Eat foods you enjoy! Find out what works for you and always listen to your body. For example I can't eat kale. I would like to but kale seems to hate me. So don't get caught up on certain foods. Do your research and see what works for you.


Take it easy and have fun


3 Have fun

Food is all about enjoyment. Be open, try something new, don’t be scared to experiment and have fun! I tink a lot of people get caught up in trying to change the world at once. And they forget that we have all this beautiful vegan food and it's there to enjoy! So have fun, see how your body changes for the better and have fun doing not just yourself something good but also the planet and animals.


You don't have to label yourself


4 Go exceedingly vegan

You don’t have to label yourself. Take the time you need, add more and more vegan foods into your diet and go exceedingly vegan, step by step. Often people tell me 'I would like to go vegan but I could never give up this and that...'. I always tell them, just start trying new vegan dishes, incorporate them into your diet more and more. That's a great way to start. You don't have to try to be perfect from the moment go. But make and effort, learn and be open to try amazing new vegan dishes.


Find inspiration


5 Stay inspired

Check out Veganuary.com. It’s one of the first pages I followed and their non-judgemental and inclusive approach really helped me to stay informed and stay inspired. Other great pages to stay informed when it comes to vegan news are Plantbasednews.org and LiveKindly.co

And for nutrition info I always check out nutritionfacts.org 


Whatever page you check out, stay curious and inspired, it will help you to stay vegan and improved your life and that of others for the better.

All the best! It’s exciting when you can help to make this planet a better place. And remember to enjoy!

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