13. Jun 2019

TV’s Jasmine Harman goes Exceedingly Vegan

Recently I had the unique opportunity to cook lunch for Channel 4 TV presenter, A Place in the Sun’s Jasmine Harman. I invited lovely Jasmine into my home to share some of my most popular recipes including my cashew cheese, which she confesses is one of the main things that she used to miss from her previously vegetarian diet. I heard about Jasmine’s journey to veganism, how she became vegetarian aged just six, and how she moved to a solely plant-based diet aged with the support of the very first Veganuary campaign. I was also interested to hear how she combines veganism with her work - which involves travelling the globe - and family life, with two small children and how being vegan makes her feel “cleaner” from the inside out. I am totally smitten with this wonderful woman and we had such fun doing this video together! I hope you enjoy it as well!


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TV’s Jasmine Harman goes Exceedingly Vegan


I had so much fun filming with Jasmine and she said of her reason of first going vegetarian 'Even as a child it seemed really obvious to me that if you loved animal you didn’t want them to die.'


Jasmine Harman laughing - interview with exceedingly vegan


I also couldn't help myself and tease her with the question where she got her protein from as a vegan - one of the most hated questions you constantly get when turning plant-based but Jasmine Harman she was a good sport! ;-)


Where does Jasmin Harman get her vegan protein from


Jasmine has felt much better after going vegan and also eating more consciously: 'I’ve lost over two stone and it’s been easy because actually I’m just eating foods that I really enjoy, that I feel are really nourishing me, I am exercising and I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. If I fancy some ice cream, I’ll have some idea cream but I just have a little bit instead of the whole tub.'



Jasmine loved my vegan walnut pate! If you also want to try the recipe, it's super easy! Just watch the video above or check out the link below.


Vegan walnut pate recipe



Would could be better than vegan grilled cashew feta on watermelon? It brought back childhood memories to Jarmins. Watch the video above or click on the link below.


vegan grilled cashew feta on watermelon



Jasmine also tried our new Dressini tahini dressings! We've been successfully funded on Kickstarter and very close to production! More infos below.





These carrot and sun-dried tomato oat patties have been a hit not just with Jasmine but also the camera team! Watch the video above or check out the full recipe below:


Vegan carrot and sun-dried tomato oat patties



And what would life be without cake? Even Jasmine couldn't resist! Check out the full recipe below


Vegan cherry chocolate almond cake recipe

Jasmine Harman goes exceedingly vegan with Philipp Ertl


Jasmine Harman was even more fun and lovely than on screen! And what a pleasure to cook for another fellow vegan and talk about our journeys and our challenges!


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