Allplants review
22. Feb 2019

Allplants review

I finally got a box of allplants vegan meals to try! Check out my review and unexpected things I found out!

I had the pleasure to try one of the Allplants vegan meal delivery ( boxes today with my colleagues in the office. Allplants makes it super easy for people to eat healthy with minimum effort. All meals are frozen so the only thing you have to do is defrost them in the microwave or your oven. Even if they deliver in morning and you come home late at night the food will still be frozen as the box is insulated.



They deliver only in the UK at the moment and one of my friends is actually a convert already. He's been enjoying the meals for a while so I also wanted to see for myself what all the hype was about.


First of all I love the branding, it's very appealing (my designer heart beat faster when I got the box). The packaging is even nicer. Each box has it's unique design and all are beautifully designed. I should've taken more pictures of the packaging but we were too hungry and impatient at lunchtime and we ripped them open so you have to trust me on that ;-)


When I saw the big box I thought, hang on, that might create a lot of unnecessary waste. BUT then to my excitement I saw a card that gave me instructions on where I could return the box at over 7000 local stores in the UK so it can be reused over and over again. Ingenious!



So now to the most important part - taste: we tried three different meals:

Lasagne Noci

Fiery Jerk Jackfruit

Rigatoni Carbonara


I shared it with some non-vegans in the office and they all loved it. Even the ones who normally don't eat carbs ;-)

I also thought the flavours were great and they were all nutrtionally well balanced as well. There is so much vegan junk food out there now so it's refreshing to see that Allplants have managed to not only create delicious dishes but also healthy ones.




My personal favourite was the Rigatoni Carbonara with creamy cashew carbonara sauce tossed through rigatoni pasta with smoky pancetta mushrooms and a crisp almond parm crumb (the response of one of my colleagues was 'how is this vegan?' - which I took as a compliment). But the fiery Jerk Jackfruit (luckily not as spicy as I thought) and the Lasagna Noci were a treat as well!




We clearly enjoyed the Allplant boxes very much!


At the moment they have a range of 25 dishes (if my count is right) and they deliver on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays. I got a one hour delivery slot notification in the morning via text message, which was great, because I could look out for the parcel. And it really arrived at the time slot given! It's a subscription service but you’re can easily pause, cancel or change your deliveries at any time. I think this is such a great idea not only for individuals but for offices as well who want to reduce their carbon foot print and increase productivity through healthier eating habits.


The portion size is more than generous, which came in handy because we all loved the vegan meals!. I would say one package easily feeds two.


allplants vegan meals


The lasagne noci was made with a rich walnut and plum tomato ragu, minced carrots and courgette poured between layers of lasagna, topped with fresh herbs and our light butternut squash béchamel. It was my tv dinner meal with a friend of mine. I really liked it and my friend did too! Yum!



So I wholesomely and wholeheartely recommend Allplants if you don't always fancy cooking yourself.

Click on the link below to order your vegan meals.


allplants vegan meal delivery

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