15. Oct 2020

Dressini tahini dressings

These amazing range of vegan dressings have been a couple of years in the making, so I am super proud of them. You can use them like a dressing, a sauce (think healthy mayo replacement) or a dip with roasted veggies. Normally dressings are devoid in nutrients, but these are a great source of plant-based calcium and also contain protein and iron naturally. Each serving contains at least 15% of your recommended intake of calcium!

Dressini tahini dressings


Where to buy

You can get them either via BoroughBox


or Greenbay (online and in-store).


228 North End Rd, Hammersmith, London W14 9NU


Tahini dip vegan supermarket products


Drizzle, dip, done.

Together with my team we developed these amazing nutrient-rich dressings. No more empty calories, but calcium goodness. Our delicious range is so versatile, they can be used in many ways:

As a salad dressing
The ideal companion for cold or even warm salads.

As a replacement for mayonnaise
For example in noodle noodle salad or in a sandwich.

With all sorts of veggies
Drizzle over oven-roasted veggies.

With rice dishes or in soups
Serve a dollop of our dressing with rice dishes our use to refine soups.


They come in 3 yummy flavours

high in calcium vegan tahini dressing


Herb & garlic tahini dressing

Our mix of tahini, combination of herbs & garlic and the freshness of lemon juice is the perfect plant-based reinvention of a well-loved classic. It is also a delicious source of non-dairy calcium.


Vegan tahini dressings to buy


This one works really well in salads, or as mayo replacement.


Turmeric tahini dressing


Turmeric & Ginger tahini dressing

Our mix of tahini, turmeric & ginger, combined with the freshness of lemon juice is super vibrant , delicious and plant-based. It is also a great source of non-dairy calcium.


tahini dressing with turmeric and ginger on mixed salad


Our most vibrant dressing works really well in salads or as dip, be as creative as you like.


beetroot and tahini dressing


Beetroot and garlic tahini dressing

Our mix of tahini, earthy sweetness of beetroot, combined with garlic and the freshness of lemon juice is an instant plant-based hit. It is also a delicious source of non-dairy calcium.


Tahini dressing with herb and garlic


It goes so well with salads or roasted veggies. A dressing to impress.


Garlic and herb tahini dressings


You can use it as dairy-replacement in a vegan Caesar salad. We used vegan chicken for this dish.


tahini dressings with beetroot


Drizzle it over roasted veggies like this aubergine is just a heavenly treat!


vegan potato salad with tahini dressing


Make a vegan potato salad in no time with our herb & garlic dressing.



The lovely Louise Schofield, presenter and acresss, also tried our tahini dressings and made this amazing video showing how she used them. We are so happy she loves them as much as we do! ;-)


How it all started

Dressini was created by London-based Austrian Philipp Ertl, founder of Exceedinglyvegan.com, one of the UK’s most popular vegan blogs. Before Philipp became vegan he was a chain smoker who wasn’t very happy
with his life.


One day he had an epiphany and realised that he was holding the key to happiness in his own hands; and it wasn’t the cigarette he was holding in that moment. 


He decided to completely turn his life around, quit smoking, became happily single and started to look after himself more in all aspects of life. This led him to a plant-based lifestyle. Inspired by the benefits of vegan food he wanted to become the change he wanted to see in the world. So he started to develop his own recipes and published them on his website. All his plant-based recipes are still influenced by the rich flavours of Austrian cuisine. 


Since 2016, award-winning Exceedinglyvegan.com has grown and grown, and built a loyal and
trusting following. 


But that was just the beginning... To make it even easier for people to cook nutritious plant-based meals, Philipp developed a range of ready-prepared Dressini tahini dressings.​​​​​​​ They are a tasty source of non-dairy calcium and protein due to their main ingredient tahini (made from sesame). And because they are so versatile they can be enjoyed  in many different ways.

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