23. Jan 2019

Dressini tahini dressings - support us on Kickstarter now

This is the moment I've been waiting for! It took a long time to develop these amazing tahini dressings in three different flavours but the moment has come now to share them with you! I am so proud of what my team and I have achieved over the last year! These dressings don't just look amazing they also taste amazing, they are vegan and high in calcium as well! So they are the perfect dairy-replacement for vegans and non-vegans. Our campaign is live now, please support us on Kickstarter.

Dressini tahini dressings - support us on Kickstarter now


Head over to our kickstarter campaign to find out more about the rewards and to be the first to get your hands on these amazing dressings: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/exceedinglyvegan/dressini-healthy-delicious-and-vegan-tahini-dressi


Perfect for salads


Enjoy our fragrant turmeric and ginger tahini dressing - turmeric and ginger are an amazing match and in combination with the tahini they take taste to a new level. Bring sunshine to your dishes with this beautiful dressing.


Instantly instragrammable


Indulge in our healthy beetroot and roasted garlic dressing - we found the perfect balance of the mellow sweetness of the beetroot and combined it with roasted garlic and our amazing tahini. You will love the flavour and the purple colour makes any dish instantly instagrammable.


Creamy and fresh


Enhance your dishes with a herb and roasted garlic dressing. Our story started with the development of this classic flavour combination. Combining tahini with herbs and roasted garlic makes for an awesome and healthy dressing.


Very versatile dressings


Pour over lovely fresh salads and enhance wholesome dishes like this butternut squash soup.


Enhance your vegan dishes


Drizzle over roasted vegetables. Perfect for those homely winter meals or for when it's BBQ season!


Use as dips


Dunk your nachos into our dressings or add them as a replacement for mayonnaise to sandwiches and wraps. You can even use it instead of pesto.


A vegan colour and flavour explosion


Head over to our Kickstarter campaign now to support us and be the first to get your hands on these amazing vegan dressings! Here is the link:



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