Goodlife vegan products
28. Oct 2020

Goodlife vegan products

Goodlife were one of the first vegan products I ever tasted. I remember quite a few years ago there were barely any vegan brands out there. So I was so excited when I tried their spicy bean burger, and I love it to this day! Now their range is even more extensive and there are lots of delicious products to chose from. I especially like that none of their products are trying to imitate meat but they are all made from honest, healthy veg and contain no artificial nasties. That's why I wanted to feature them. To me it's a much more guilt-free way of enjoying ready made foods - especially if you don't fancy cooking every day.

Goodlife spicy bean burger recipe


This is the vegan spicy bean burger I first tried many years ago. When I had it again recently it was like a nice trip down memory lane. It's still full of flavour and tastes delicious in a burger bun. I just added some tahini dressing, salad, tomatoes and ketchup (sweet chilli sauce would work well too if you like to spice things up even more). Just looking at it now my mouth is watering ;-) And instead of frying it you can bake it in the oven, which I feel is much better because you are saving on a lot of calories. And with healthy ingredients like beans and corn it's much easier to stay on a balanced diet than eating highly processed vegan meats (though there is a place for every diet need :-)


Goodlife spicy bean burger packaging


Each pack contains 4 burgers, which are quite generous in size - I find a lot of vegan burgers are tiny - not in this case luckily.


Goodlife falafel - ready-made


Who doesn't like falafel? And if you are looking for a heatlhier and less fatty version then these will be right up your street. Don't get me wrong, I love falafel sold by street vendors, but they are often fried to death and soaked in oil. That's why I like the Goodlife falafel because they are much lighter and full of veggie goodness as well. They feel much less processed than other falafels you get in supermarkets even. And again I had these with a our Dressini tahini dressing, which was absolutely divine, a perfect match! All fully vegan of course.


Goodlife Falafel packaging


So if you are looking for falafel that are low in saturated fat than these Goodlife ones will definitely to the tasty trick.


Goodlife Spinach and kale protein balls


 And if you are keen for an extra protein and nutrition kick then these vegan spinach and kale protein balls from Goodlife are perfect for you! Getting your protein in after the gym is a tasty breeze with them. Especially since these take no time to cook in the oven. Just 15 min and you are ready to go.


Goodlife vegan spinach and kale protein balls


For more information check out Goodlife's website. Just so you know, not all their products are vegan, but they are extending their vegan range more and more. And they are more natural than other products. That's why I am sharing them on my blog. Check out their full range here:




I was sent two of each of of these products for the purposes of review as I love vegan products.

The fact I got it for free has not influenced the review in anyway.

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