Tofurky launches vegan meat-free sandwiches in Wholefoods UK!
28. Sep 2017

Tofurky launches vegan meat-free sandwiches in Wholefoods UK!

I am so excited about this I cannot tell you. FINALLY amazing tasting vegan sandwiches on the UK high street, all meat-free and dairy-free and fully vegan! We tried them today and yesterday, check out our review!

These sandwiches will hit the high street at Whole Foods Markets in London on October 2nd, followed by expansion into other UK retailers in the coming months. In short soon we could see those amazing sandwiches in all big supermarkets in the UK soon.

Developed by Tofurky together with the consultancy Plantbased 2b these guys have worked really hard to create sandwiches that will satisfy vegans and flexitarians alike in the UK.

They aren't just launching one but 4 different sandwich varieties: TLT (tempeh, lettuce and tomato), Ham Style Salad, Chipotle Chick'n and Chick'n & Sweetcorn! Meaty flavours without the meat and no dairy either. These sandwiches are fully vegan!

My personal favourite was the TLT I have to say (no picture available because I devoured it too quickly, sorry). I am a big fan of tempeh and it was perfectly balanced in this sandwich, a bit smokey, rich flavour, not over-processed. I also loved the Ham Style Salad and the Chick'n and Sweetcorn. Chipotle Chick'n was delicious as well, but not my favourite as I am not too big on spicy foods.

Tofurky vegan sandwiches - meat-free

Leo, who works in my office, really liked the Chipotle Chick'n. He couldn't believe it wasn't chicken! Me neither actually. I haven't tried that many Tofurky products in the past but I loved the texture of their vegan chicken, especially in the Chick'n and Sweetcorn.

I shared a few of them in the office and people loved them. Super excited about buying them on the high-street very soon! How times are changing!

Veronica tried the Ham Style Salad and also couldn't believe it wasn't ham. She really liked it as well.

Also, protein junkies do not fear, all sandwiches are super high in protein, e.g. the Chipotle Chick'n have 27g per pack! Not bad for a vegan sandwich! ;-) The Chick'n & Sweet corn still had 23.2/pack, still quite impressive.

This was the Ham & Style salad. Really delicious and equally enjoyed by vegans and omnivores in our office!

I also liked that they used simple and delicious bread, nothing too crazy or artisan, just good quality, tasty bread!

And thank god, no avocado and hummus in sight anywhere!

As much as I love avocados and hummus (my daily staple basically) I think high-street chains and restaurants have overly relied on them recently. So good to see Tofurky as the new disruptor in the UK sandwich scene!


About Tofurky

Founded in 1980, Tofurky creates plant-based food that is kind to people, animals, the environment, and especially taste buds. Now the best-selling plant-based protein in the US, Tofurky continues to put purpose before profits and focuses on creating delicious meat-free food using the highest quality ingredients, including soybeans from organic US growers that are verified by a third-party inspector to ensure the raw soy is native and 100% GMO-free. As a Benefit Corporation, Tofurky advocates for animal welfare and reinvests in a wide variety of environmental initiatives. For more information, visit

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