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Vegan Baking, Desserts & Vegan Ice Cream recipes

Vegan baking is so easy! All recipes are egg-free, dairy-free and are very simple to make. Create your own vegan desserts and cakes with a few simples steps. Plant-based turns out to be even easier than normal baking. And with vegan gluten-free recipes this section offers something for every dietary need. Also learn how to make your own vegan ice creams that are no-churn and quick to make.

Easy vegan banana custard cake

6 Aug 2021

Gluten-free vegan carrot cake

14 Jan 2021

Butternut squash cake

25 Nov 2020

Halloween chocolate orange cupcakes

27 Oct 2020

Pistachio and lime mini cheese cakes - no bake

10 Sep 2020

Easy vegan poppyseed cake

28 Aug 2020

Gluten-free polenta almond cake

20 Jul 2020

Lemon semolina cake - vegan

9 Jun 2020

Sweet strawberry dumplings

5 May 2020

Flourless chocolate banana cake - gluten-free

9 Apr 2020

Easy vegan custard - 4 ingredients only

3 Apr 2020

Tahini chocolate brownies

4 Feb 2020

Easy apple and almond cupcakes - vegan

18 Dec 2019

Easy vegan pear cake

9 Oct 2019

Easy vegan panna cotta with berry coulis

25 Sep 2019