Chocolate mesh

Impress with this simple home-made vegan chocolate mesh for cake, ice cream or dessert decorations.

Now I am not a pâtissier but I was looking for a quick an easy way to pimp my desserts. This is a really quick and dirty way of doing it but hey my guests were impressed.

Phil from Exceedinglyvegan

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  • Cooking chocolate (yep, that's it)
  • Baking paper (I know, it's not a so called ingredient, but you'll need it anyway)

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Melt a few pieces of chocolate in a ban marie (which is basically just a fancy term for melting the chocolate in a water bath). There are instructions on Wikipedia. Otherwise just boil some hot water in a pot and either put another smaller pan into the water and place the chocolate inside or use a pot with a spout like I did (so the boiling water can escape and no pressure builds up!) and place a heat resistant bowl on top. Don't be tempted to melt the chocolate in the microwave (I know you want to), it tastes better in a ban marie (and doesn't it sound more fancy) and there is less danger of it getting burnt. When the chocolate is melted cut out a few sheets of baking paper and place on an even surface. Using a large spoon create your own chocolate meshes and pieces of art by carefully drizzling the melted chocolate onto the baking paper. Make sure the lines are quite thin as they will expand a bit. Once done, put them in your fridge or freezer to cool down and harden. After a few minutes they should be hardened and you can carefully lift them off the baking paper. If you are like me not a natural talent and some of your meshes are a mess then just cut out the best shapes with a knife and place them on your desserts. Be creative and have fun!

Oh. and if you like to put your mesh on an ice cream like above, check out this really simple and delicious no-churn vegan banana ice cream recipe on my site.

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