Royal vegan wedding cakes and desserts

To celebrate the royal wedding in the UK I created a list of my most luxuriously delicious vegan cakes, vegan ice creams and vegan desserts. Live like a princess or prince by indulging in these amazing vegan treats so you too can live happily ever after.

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Royal vegan wedding cakes and desserts

Celebrate like a royal with my delicious vegan cakes, vegan ice creams and vegan desserts. Go on, treat yourself.


This heavenly light vegan cotton candy (or candy floss as you call it in the UK) ice cream is very easy and has only three ingredients! No churning required, it will stay light, just take it out of the freezer and enjoy strawberry goodness.

Click here for the recipe

Easy vegan apple cake

Who doesn't love apple cake? It tastes amazing and the combination of apples and cinnamon is heavenly. The best is it's super easy to make, even if you have never baked before. All ingredients are available in your local supermarket. Preparations should only take 10-15 minutes. The perfect cake to have with coffee!

Click here for the recipe

Vegan portuguese custard tarts - pasteis de nata vegano

The recipe for my vegan Pastéis de nata (or Portuguese custard tarts) is even easier than the traditional one that isn't vegan and is only using 7 ingredients that are easy to find anywhere. I've been wanting to make them for ages but didn't know how. I've developed a few recipes with vegan custard before, but this one was more difficult as it has to bake in the oven. It took me a few attempts to get the consistency and taste right and make sure the custard didn't boil over when baked. But it worked out and they tasted absolutely amazing!

Click here for the recipe

VEGAN chocolate ice cream - no churn

Finally I managed to get this vegan chocolate ice cream recipe right and it tasted amazing! I've been wanting to make this for such a long time. I made vegan strawberry ice cream with aqua faba before so chocolate was my next challenge. Heavenly and very easy to make and the best thing is you don't need to churn it.

Click here for the recipe

Viennese apple strudel with home-made custard

Coming from Austria I also share a big fondness for the former emperor's favourite dessert, Viennese apple strudel. In Austria we have it on it's own but here in England it is served with custard, which is a heavenly combination. So I came up with a vegan apple strudel version and a delicious and easy home-made vegan custard. From preparations to finish this dessert can be made within 30 minutes! What are you waiting for?

Click here for the recipe

avocado chocolate mousse egg

I actually planned to do something completely different and then all of a sudden I had the idea for this recipe! And after a bit of trial and error it turned out fantastic. This vegan avocado chocolate mousse recipe is perfect to impress your guests at Easter or anytime. You only ned 5 ingredients which you can all find in your local supermarket and nothing goes to waste, even the avocado skins are put to good use.

Click here for the recipe

vegan creme brulee - easy and low fat

This was another of the challenges I set myself, to create a vegan crème brûlée. It has no eggs, no dairy, is gluten-free and super easy to make. A perfect dessert for a special occasion and it is low in fat as well. The original is full of fat and my vegan version is much lighter, yet full of flavour.

Click here for the recipe

VEGAN Jaffa cake cake

What's better than jaffa cakes? A giant vegan jaffa cake! And the best thing it's actually very easy to make! With a few simple steps and only 11 ingredients you will be able to impress your guests and yourself with this giant version of the popular classic.

Click here for the recipe

VEGAN coconut cupcakes

Cupcakes are always a great treat - perfect in size and super delicious and if you can have them with coconut flavour and vegan frosting then even better. Especially when they are super easy to make! I have to admit I am a lazy cook. I am always looking for ways to make my life easier. So I was also trying to create a super easy cupcake recipe, no hassle, vegan and super delicious. And coconut and cupcakes are always a delicious combination.

Click here for the recipe

champagne and blueberry sorbet

Sweetie darling, have some of this absolutely lush blueberry & champagne sorbet, you know you deserve it. When you are too busy with your fabulous life then this vegan sorbet is perfect for you. Only three ingredients, no churning, no hassle and you might as well enjoy a glass of champagne or two in the process. Could life get any better?

Click here for the recipe

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