Vegan Austrian apricot dumplings - vegane Marillenknoedel

Apricot dumplings are a very classic Austrian dessert and used to be one of my favourites when I was a child. I haven't had them in ages! Now I made a vegan version and they are super easy to make, amazingly delicious and are even cheaper than the original recipe.

In Austria we love apricots, especially when they are in season. And apricot dumplings are an amazing dessert, especially in summer. But you can also make strawberry or plum dumplings. It works the same way. Normally you would make these dumplings with curd and eggs. But when I looked at the recipe I realised it must be possible to replace the curd (with soy yoghurt or any other vegan yoghurt) and leave out the egg completely because the flour and semolina bind very well on their own.

So try out this veganised Austrian dessert classic and let me know what you think of it in the comments.

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Vegan Austrian apricot dumplings - vegane Marillenknoedel

I love the colours of these apricot dumplings, so sunny!

vegan apricot dumplings  - Austrian vegan Marillenknoedel

Sprinkle them with a generous amount of icing sugar.

vegan apricot dumplings  - Austrian vegan Marillenknoedel

Apricot dumplings are best eaten warm. This way the aroma of the apricots is even stronger and tastier.

vegan apricot dumplings  - Austrian vegan Marillenknoedel

Yum yum! ;-)

Phil from Exceedinglyvegan

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INGREDIENTS (5 dumplings):


Vegan dumpling dough ingredients:

  • 80g white flour
  • 50g semolina
  • 100g soy yoghurt
  • 40g vegan butter
  • Sprinkle of salt

Filling ingredients:

  • 3 apricots
  • 3 sugar cubes

Other ingredients:

  • 50g breadcrumbs
  • 25g brown sugar
  • Icing sugar

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Add all dumpling ingredients into a bowl.

Mix together until you get a nice dough.


Then cut 3 ripe apricots into halves, destone and replace the stone with a sugar cube. Close the apricots again so the sugar cube is encapsulated between the two apricot halves.


Take 1/3 of the dough, roll into a ball and then flatten with the palms of your hands - it should just enough dough to cover the apricot fully. Then place an apricot into it and wrap the dough around it so the dough covers the apricot evenly and you get a nice round dumpling. Repeat with the other apricots as well.


Bring water to boil and cook for 15 minutes. When the dumplings start swimming on the surface they are done. But best to wait until 15 minutes have passed to make sure they are all done. When I cooked them the dumplings stuck to the bottom of the pan so they didn't swim. So when you cook them, gently place them into the boiling water and after a while check whether they are also stuck to the bottom. If they are give the a careful nudge to make them unstuck.


While they are cooking get flat pan, add 50g of breadcrumbs and 20g of brown sugar and toast carefully until they become crispy. Make sure you stir regularly so they don't burn.


Then take out the cooked dumplings and roll them in the breadcrumbs so they are covered evenly.


Then sprinkle some icing sugar on top and enjoy!


I recommend making this dish from fresh because the crispy bread crumbs would go stale when frozen or kept in the fridge. However, you can pre-make the dumplings with the apricot filling and freeze them individually. And then when you like a delicious Austrian dessert, take them out of the freezer, cook them and roll in the breadcrumbs.


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