Vegan hazelnut chocolate ice cream recipe - super easy

Summer is here and what could be better than making your own ice lollies - especially when they are made with hazelnut chocolate ice cream - just like a vegan Nutella ice cream! My recipe also only uses 5 ingredients which you can all find in your average supermarket! It's very refreshing, rich, soft, yet doesn't melt instantly. It's also full of protein and chocolate goodness and so tasty vegans and non-vegans will absolutely love this refreshing chocolatey indulgence. And the recipe is so quick and easy you could even get your kids involved in the making!


The recipe uses some coconut oil to hold the ice cream together and also to make it extra smooth. Coconut oil solidifies at lower temperatures (it only turns liquid at around 22C). This way it stays nice and soft and stable (witout the coconut oil it would've turned into an ice block) but melts in your mouth when you eat it.


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Vegan hazelnut chocolate ice cream recipe - super easy


Cool down with some refreshing and indulgent vegan hazelnut chocolate ice lolly! Not just for kids but adults alike. I also added a rasoberry at the top because it looks so cute and goes really well with the chocolate. You can also add mango pieces or other fruits that go well with chocolate like strawberries.


vegan chocolate ice lolly from above


Make sure you stay cool this summer with home-made vegan ice lollies.


super easy chocolate ice cream lolly recipe


They looks so fresh, I almost want to bite into my screen as I am writing this haha.


vegan chocolate ice cream lolly


Oops, and gone! You will see its hard to stick to just one ;-)

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INGREDIENTS (4-6 ice lollies):


Hazelnut chocolate ice lolly ingredients:

  • 100ml warm coconut oil
  • 200ml warm plant-based milk
  • 150g ground and roasted hazelnuts
  • 6-7 tbsp brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp cacao powder

Other ingredients:

  • Raspberries


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Warm up 100ml of coconut oil so it becomes liquid (unless your flat is above 22C then it should be liquid automatically) and also 200ml of plant-plantbased milk (soy, hazelut, oats, etc..., you decide which one you prefer).


Then put them into a smoothie blender together with 150g ground and roasted hazelnuts (these taste best, compared to normal ground hazelnuts), 6-7 tbsp brown sugar and 2 tbsp cacao powder).


Blend until you get a nice and smooth paste - depending on your blender you might have to take off the blender cup off the blender a couple of times, shake it and blend again, until you get this lovely thick chocolate paste. If you have a powerful small food processor you could use it as well instead of the blender.


Then place a raspberry into ice cream moulds and spoon in the hazelut chocolate paste on top.


Add the ice cream sticks and freeze for about 3 hours.


When you take the lollies out of the fridge you may need to let run some cold water over the moulds to release the lollies.


Enjoy on a hot day or any day you fancy a delicious home-made ice cream.


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easy vegan chocolate ice cream

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