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Vegan Baking, Desserts & Vegan Ice Cream recipes

Vegan baking is so easy! All recipes are egg-free, dairy-free and are very simple to make. Create your own vegan desserts and cakes with a few simples steps. Plant-based turns out to be even easier than normal baking. And with vegan gluten-free recipes this section offers something for every dietary need. Also learn how to make your own vegan ice creams that are no-churn and quick to make.

Vegan panna cotta with strawberry sauce

28 Nov 2017

Easy vegan apple cake

16 Nov 2017

Vegan Halloween cupcakes with custard brains and cherry blood

24 Oct 2017

Vegan apple strudel with vegan home-made custard

18 Oct 2017

Easy vegan mille feuille with home-made custard

5 Sep 2017

Vegan apricot summer cake

26 Jul 2017

Vegan strawberry cheese cake - gluten-free and high in protein

13 Jul 2017

Vegan cotton candy strawberry ice cream made with aqua faba

7 Jul 2017

Vegan jaffa cake cake - giant jaffa cake

22 Jun 2017

Easy pineapple cake with whipped coconut cream and topped with raspberries

18 May 2017

Champagne & blueberry sorbet - no churn, 3 ingredients

10 May 2017


20 Apr 2017

Luca's torta alle mandorle or vegan almond cake

2 Feb 2017

Polenta poppyseed cake covered in marzipan

1 Dec 2016

Super easy vegan hazelnut chocolate

30 Nov 2016