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Vegan Baking, Desserts & Vegan Ice Cream recipes

Vegan baking is so easy! All recipes are egg-free, dairy-free and are very simple to make. Create your own vegan desserts and cakes with a few simples steps. Plant-based turns out to be even easier than normal baking. And with vegan gluten-free recipes this section offers something for every dietary need. Also learn how to make your own vegan ice creams that are no-churn and quick to make.

Deliciously easy microwave apple cake in a mug

23 Nov 2016

Easy silken tofu pana cotta in a cherry chocolate sauce

11 Nov 2016

Vegan banana spring rolls

10 Nov 2016

Vegan Hippo super rich chocolate cake

21 Oct 2016

Blackberry chocolate almond cake

25 Aug 2016

Matcha cheese cake with chocolate drizzle

22 Aug 2016

Vegan summer nectarine cake

13 Aug 2016

Easy vegan Wimbledon cheese cake with strawberries

30 Jun 2016

Vegan carrot cake

24 Jun 2016

No-churn vegan ice cream with poppyseed banana, rum and coconut

21 Jun 2016

Sweet vegan blueberry yoghurt pancakes with almonds

18 Jun 2016

Mint avocado ice cream with chocolate chips, no-churn and vegan

16 Jun 2016

Easy Coconut rice balls with chocolate sauce

15 Jun 2016

Super quick and easy frozen watermelon skewers and lemonade with watermelon ice cubes

13 Jun 2016

Vegan orange polenta cake

12 Jun 2016