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Easy Vegan Mains recipes

Easy vegan dinner and vegan lunch all in one section. Each recipe is simple and fast to make. From every day vegan mains for the whole family, to plant-based kids meals or elegant vegan dinner parties, there is something for everyone.

Sweet potato and broccoli bake with pumpkin seed pesto

7 May 2021

Giant courgette and leek patty

22 Mar 2021

Tahini mushroom pasta

27 Jan 2021

Special guest recipe: beetroot risotto with tofu ricotta

16 Jan 2021

Vegan cheese pizza bagette

8 Jan 2021

Top 10 best vegan Christmas recipes

17 Dec 2020

Easy vegan Christmas dinner - red cabbage Wellington with almond feta

11 Dec 2020

Thanksgiving meatless loaf

19 Nov 2020

Vegan steak bake

16 Oct 2020

Healthy breaded cauliflower with garlic dip

30 Sep 2020

Easy vegan potato gratin

5 Sep 2020

Easy couscous with pumpkin seed pesto

1 Aug 2020

One-pot coconut veggie rice - vegan

22 May 2020

Easy leftover veggie tart

22 Apr 2020

Meaty tempeh pasta with white mushroom sauce

30 Mar 2020