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Easy Vegan Mains recipes

Easy vegan dinner and vegan lunch all in one section. Each recipe is simple and fast to make. From every day vegan mains for the whole family, to plant-based kids meals or elegant vegan dinner parties, there is something for everyone.

Carrot and sun-dried tomato oat patties with a tahini herb dip

24 Jan 2019

Vegan cottage pie with sunflower seed mince

18 Jan 2019

Vegan Christmas dinner with cranberry gravy - gluten-free

4 Dec 2018

Vegan bangers & mash and vegan gravy - from scratch

20 Nov 2018

10 minute Chinese veggie noodles

13 Nov 2018

Veggie rice with sunflower seed sour cream - vegan

28 Sep 2018

Spinach pasta with roasted butternut squash

19 Sep 2018

Vegan meatballs in a peanut and mushroom sauce

11 Sep 2018

Beer battered mushrooms with vegan tartar sauce

29 Aug 2018

Easy vegan sausages

31 Jul 2018

Easy vegan macaroni salad

10 Jul 2018

Easy courgette patties with vegan tzatziki

26 Jun 2018

Peanut tofu skewers with easy banana ketchup

17 May 2018

Pickled beetroot & walnut burger with pistachio aioli

1 May 2018

Polenta pizza with tahini sauce and toasted almonds – gluten-free

10 Apr 2018