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Easy Vegan Mains recipes

Easy vegan dinner and vegan lunch all in one section. Each recipe is simple and fast to make. From every day vegan mains for the whole family, to plant-based kids meals or elegant vegan dinner parties, there is something for everyone.

Vegan pasta Bolognese - quick and easy

29 Jun 2017

Vegan Doner kebap in pita with a vegan yoghurt sauce

9 Jun 2017

Veggie burger with avocado mayo

1 Jun 2017

Sesame tofu skewers with spicy peanut butter dip and tropical salad

25 May 2017

1 year anniversary of Exceedingly vegan! So what do vegans eat (video)?

24 May 2017

Vegan egg fried rice

15 May 2017

Vegan Eurovision party dishes - May the best win!

11 May 2017

Vegan cashew cheese pizza with green peppers, mushrooms, artichokes and olives

1 May 2017

The quickest vegan lasagna ever

18 Apr 2017

Vegan rice salad

5 Apr 2017

10 minute vegan fitness rice pan

2 Mar 2017

Quick vegan pasta with braised tofu and mushrooms

21 Feb 2017

Super easy puff pastry pizza with cashew cheese

9 Feb 2017

Polenta with mixed peppers and mushrooms and crispy pan fried-tofu

30 Jan 2017

Pea, lentil and mushroom risotto

20 Jan 2017