Austrian spinach dumplings filled with vegan almond feta

This time I had help in the kitchen! My Austrian friend Stephanie helped me to make a typical Austrian dish: Spinach dumplings filled with vegan feta - the feta was made from ground almonds, yes! It was so delicious and we had a lot of fun filming this video together!


The area where I am from in Austria is known for it's potatoes - kinda like Ireland. And I love potato dumplings. Sometimes you have them as a side dish and somtimes filled with meat or cheese. So I desperately wanted to make a vegan version of them because they taste amazing. I thought about a recipe for 2 years I think and finally I managed to get it right. And with the help of Stephanie we had a lot of fun making them - and even more fun eating them! ;)


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Austrian spinach dumplings filled with vegan almond feta


Garnish them with fried onion rings and some parsley. Enjoy a green salad on the side.



That's what they look like on the inside. The spinach and vegan feta filling tastes amazing! Make sure you cook the filling well, otherwise it might have a strong taste of almonds. By cooking it you will lose the almond taste.



We had so much fun filming this. I will put some outtakes on my social media soon!



In Austria we have these as a main dish. Two will probably be enough to satisfy you. They are quite filling but less calorific and healthier than they look!


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INGREDIENTS (make 8 dumplings):


Step 1:

  • 1kg potatoes

Step 2 (spinach and almond feta filling):

  • 1/2 onion
  • 300g spinach
  • 1 tsp garlic
  • 3/4 tsp salt

Step 3 (spinach and almond feta filling):

  • 100g almond flour
  • 2 heaped tbsp nutritional yeast
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • Black pepper to taste

Step 4:

  • 300g flour
  • 100g semolina
  • 1/2 tsp salt 

Step 5: 

  • 1 onion finely sliced (optional)
  • parsley (optional)

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Step 1:

Steam 1kg potato dumplings in the skin. Don't peel them, otherwise the potato dough will be too liquid as the potatos soak up the steam). Don't boil them for above reasons as well.


Step 2:

Then finely chop 1/2 onion and sauté in some oil. Add the spinach, 1 tsp of garlic and 3/4 tsp of salt to the pan and wilt the spinach for a bit. Don't wilt for too long and keep the water from the spinach.


Step 3:

Add all other ingredients from step 3 to the pan and cook for a few minutes. This way the ground almonds will lose their almond marzipan flavour (which we don't need in this dish - the ground almonds are more of a flavour carrier). Set the finished filling aside.


Step 4:

Then take out the steamed potatoes and peel them. Add all ingredients from step 4 and mash well until there are no lumps. Knead with your hands until you get a nice sticky potato dough. If it's too dry add a tiny bit of water. if it's too wet a tiny bit of flour and semolina.


Create patties with the dough and pat them flat.


Then create spinach feta balls with the filling and place them in the middle of the patty. Fold in and encase the filling. You should end up with a nice round dumpling. Make sure there are no holes.


Place them into boiling water and then turn down the heat and let the dumplings simmer for abotu 15 minutes. When they start swimming on the surface they are done.


Step 5:

This is all optional but it adds a lot to the flavour. Slice an onion finely and fry the onion rings in hot oil until they are dark brown (be careful not to burn them).

Plate the dumplings and place the onion rings on top. Sprinkle some parsley on top for extra garnish and freshness. Enjoy!


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