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Mexican style sweet potato bean patties with avocado mayonnaise and a crunchy apple salad

26 Jun 2016

Quick and cheap vegan pasta with chickpea cream and vegetables

22 Jun 2016

Vegan sausage on a roll with fried onions and salad

17 Jun 2016

BBQ butternut squash, courgette, mushroom and tofu skewers with a red pepper dip

9 Jun 2016

Chickpea oat patties with mushroom, fennel and savoury pistachio creme

7 Jun 2016

Vegan meaty beetroot burger with cashew cheese

4 Jun 2016

Easy vegan spinach 'pie' or Spanakopita

2 Jun 2016

Soba noodle stir fry

30 May 2016

Quinoa potato cakes in a rich tomato sauce

30 May 2016

Grilled asparagus with vegan sauce hollandaise

28 May 2016

Vegan Pulled pork

19 May 2016

Vegan pizza with cashew cheese

19 May 2016