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Vegan Soups, Starters & Sandwiches recipes

Makes easy and quick vegan soups, that are nourishing, healthy and really fast to make. Try vegan starters and canapés to serve to your family or even at parties.

Chickpea omelette filled peppers

26 Jan 2018

Warming hummus soup - delicious and high in protein

12 Oct 2017

Vegan spinach rice balls - high in protein and iron

5 Oct 2017

Vegan bacon - gluten-free, high in protein & super easy to make

21 Sep 2017

Vegan boiled egg on avocado toast - packed with protein

12 Sep 2017

Sweet potato and courgette soup with ginger and basil

24 Aug 2017

Chickpea flour tofu - perfect for sandwiches

15 Aug 2017

Vegan Greek salad with tofu feta cheese

6 Jul 2017

Vegan hollandaise sauce with green asparagus

6 Jun 2017

Cold courgette, orange & basil soup - healthy and super quick

31 May 2017

Toasted Italian sandwich with tomato and mushroom topping

24 Mar 2017

Vegan 'boiled' egg

23 Feb 2017

Vegan fish cake canapés with tahini dressing

10 Feb 2017

Spicy sweet potato and pak choi soup with hemp seeds

25 Jan 2017

Golden roasted thyme parsnip and carrot soup with smoked tofu cubes

25 Nov 2016