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Vegan Soups, Starters & Sandwiches recipes

Makes easy and quick vegan soups, that are nourishing, healthy and really fast to make. Try vegan starters and canapés to serve to your family or even at parties.

Green courgette spinach and mushroom soup

16 Nov 2016

Vegan Irish soda bread with walnuts

13 Nov 2016

Pumpkin and peanut butter stew

1 Nov 2016

Butternut squash and orange soup

28 Oct 2016

Courgette and red pepper soup with toasted almonds

14 Oct 2016

High-protein oat, almond and spinach patties

10 Oct 2016

Warming carrot, dill and Dijon mustard soup

9 Oct 2016

Delicious vegan cheese sandwiches

29 Sep 2016

Easy rosemary and mustard garden soup

26 Sep 2016

Vegan Greek salad

15 Sep 2016

Dairy-free vegan insalata caprese

14 Sep 2016

Comforting refried beans soup

5 Sep 2016

BBQ smoked tofu sandwich with toasted almonds

29 Aug 2016

Walnut olive and artichoke spread

27 Aug 2016

Super simple carrot and courgette hummus sandwich with dill

18 Jul 2016