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Vegan Soups, Starters & Sandwiches recipes

Makes easy and quick vegan soups, that are nourishing, healthy and really fast to make. Try vegan starters and canapés to serve to your family or even at parties.

Baked courgette aubergine tart with smoked tofu

15 Jul 2016

Crispy baked rosemary fries

13 Jul 2016

Gluten-free savoury millet patties with sour cream gherkin dip

11 Jul 2016

Beetroot and red cabbage soup with pistachio creme

20 Jun 2016

Baked paprika sweetcorn sandwich with smoked almond cheese

14 Jun 2016

Raw courgette basil orange soup

8 Jun 2016

Crispy tofu on a bed of soba noodles and a tomato pesto sauce

6 Jun 2016

Vegan coleslaw with sunflower seed dressing

5 Jun 2016

Austrian no mayo potato salad

4 Jun 2016

Comforting Viennese potato and mushroom soup

31 May 2016

Courgette and leek soup

26 May 2016

Meaty tempeh sandwich

22 May 2016