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Latest vegan recipes

Vegan carrot cake

24 Jun 2016

Avocado mayonnaise

23 Jun 2016

Quick and cheap vegan pasta with chickpea cream and vegetables

22 Jun 2016

No-churn vegan ice cream with poppyseed banana, rum and coconut

21 Jun 2016

Beetroot and red cabbage soup with pistachio creme

20 Jun 2016

Vegan egg on toast, plantbased golden deliciousness and easy to make

19 Jun 2016

Sweet vegan blueberry yoghurt pancakes with almonds

18 Jun 2016

Easy vegan pancakes with avocado, dill courgettes and hummus filling

18 Jun 2016

Vegan sausage on a roll with fried onions and salad

17 Jun 2016

Mint avocado ice cream with chocolate chips, no-churn and vegan

16 Jun 2016

Easy Coconut rice balls with chocolate sauce

15 Jun 2016

Baked paprika sweetcorn sandwich with smoked almond cheese

14 Jun 2016

Super quick and easy frozen watermelon skewers and lemonade with watermelon ice cubes

13 Jun 2016

Vegan orange polenta cake

12 Jun 2016

BBQ butternut squash, courgette, mushroom and tofu skewers with a red pepper dip

9 Jun 2016