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Latest vegan recipes

The most easy and delicious vegan recipes to make at home and vegan cooking hacks to speed up the cooking process.
All recipes use simple ingredients that can be found in most supermarkets.

Exceedinglyvegan.com includes easy recipes for vegan dinners, vegan lunches, vegan potlock, vegan picnics, vegan bbqs, vegan cheeses, vegan desserts, vegan cakes, vegan sandwiches, vegan dressings, vegan soups, vegan dips, vegan cheese replacements, vegan baking recipes, vegan breakfast and even vegan ice cream.

Mint avocado ice cream with chocolate chips, no-churn and vegan

16 Jun 2016

Easy Coconut rice balls with chocolate sauce

15 Jun 2016

Baked paprika sweetcorn sandwich with smoked almond cheese

14 Jun 2016

Super quick and easy frozen watermelon skewers and lemonade with watermelon ice cubes

13 Jun 2016

Vegan orange polenta cake

12 Jun 2016

BBQ butternut squash, courgette, mushroom and tofu skewers with a red pepper dip

9 Jun 2016

Raw courgette basil orange soup

8 Jun 2016

Savoury pistachio creme

8 Jun 2016

Chickpea oat patties with mushroom, fennel and savoury pistachio creme

7 Jun 2016

Crispy tofu on a bed of soba noodles and a tomato pesto sauce

6 Jun 2016

Vegan coleslaw with sunflower seed dressing

5 Jun 2016

Austrian no mayo potato salad

4 Jun 2016

Vegan meaty beetroot burger with cashew cheese

4 Jun 2016

Protein packed eggless vegan egg salad

3 Jun 2016

Easy vegan spinach 'pie' or Spanakopita

2 Jun 2016