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Latest vegan recipes

The most easy and delicious vegan recipes to make at home and vegan cooking hacks to speed up the cooking process.
All recipes use simple ingredients that can be found in most supermarkets.

Exceedinglyvegan.com includes easy recipes for vegan dinners, vegan lunches, vegan potlock, vegan picnics, vegan bbqs, vegan cheeses, vegan desserts, vegan cakes, vegan sandwiches, vegan dressings, vegan soups, vegan dips, vegan cheese replacements, vegan baking recipes, vegan breakfast and even vegan ice cream.

Healthy breaded cauliflower with garlic dip

30 Sep 2020

Pistachio and lime mini cheese cakes - no bake

10 Sep 2020

Easy vegan potato gratin

5 Sep 2020

Easy vegan poppyseed cake

28 Aug 2020

Easy couscous with pumpkin seed pesto

1 Aug 2020

Gluten-free polenta almond cake

20 Jul 2020

Easy vegan cream cheese

13 Jul 2020

Easy vegan tzatziki

18 Jun 2020

Lemon semolina cake - vegan

9 Jun 2020

One-pot coconut veggie rice - vegan

22 May 2020

Sweet strawberry dumplings

5 May 2020

Easy leftover veggie tart

22 Apr 2020

Flourless chocolate banana cake - gluten-free

9 Apr 2020

Easy vegan custard - 4 ingredients only

3 Apr 2020

Meaty tempeh pasta with white mushroom sauce

30 Mar 2020