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Latest vegan recipes

The most easy and delicious vegan recipes to make at home and vegan cooking hacks to speed up the cooking process.
All recipes use simple ingredients that can be found in most supermarkets.

Exceedinglyvegan.com includes easy recipes for vegan dinners, vegan lunches, vegan potlock, vegan picnics, vegan bbqs, vegan cheeses, vegan desserts, vegan cakes, vegan sandwiches, vegan dressings, vegan soups, vegan dips, vegan cheese replacements, vegan baking recipes, vegan breakfast and even vegan ice cream.

Easy vegan fish cakes

3 Oct 2019

Easy vegan panna cotta with berry coulis

25 Sep 2019

Easy peanut butter pasta

4 Sep 2019

Summer salad with hemp seed dressing and grilled nectarines

14 Aug 2019

Summery courgette almond patties - low carb

26 Jul 2019

Smoked tofu ratatouille on polenta

17 Jul 2019

Vegan hazelnut chocolate ice cream recipe - super easy

10 Jul 2019

easy vegan mozzarella - insalata caprese

5 Jul 2019

Creamy pistachio pesto pasta

25 Jun 2019

Smokey bbq jackfruit with rice - vegan

20 Jun 2019

Parsley potatoes with sunflower seed sour cream

30 May 2019

vegan halloumi skewers - perfect for bbq

14 May 2019

Chickpea polenta quiche - vegan and glutenfree

9 May 2019

Potato nests filled with vegan egg salad - gluten-free

18 Apr 2019

Easy vegan blueberry cake

4 Apr 2019